3 makeup trends to try this month!

Makeup trends come and go, but it’s fun to try them while they’re around, especially when you can just wash it all away if it’s not your cup of tea. With the weather changing for spring and a warmer summer ahead, it’s also the perfect time to have a play with your look and try some fun new colours.

Strawberry girl makeup

Thanks to Hailey Bieber, strawberry girl summer was well and truly alive for Euro summer and is here to stay for Aussie summer! It focuses on a just bronzed, minimal base with bright strawberry toned blush and lips, along with a scattering of faux freckles. Think of lightly sun kissed skin after picking fresh berries (but without the sun damage)

If you can get your hands on a little freckle pen, they can be fun to play with and give a good effect, otherwise you can improvise with a brow pencil. Just use the end to make little dots across your nose and cheeks, pressing in with your fingers to give a more natural finish. For the blush, go for red tones, like the shade Main Character in the Australis Dewy + Daring blush range or I’ve used the Lanolin’s rose gold 101 ointment here. Take that same tone onto the lips and top off with a gloss for that juicy finish. I can recommend the Lanolips Fruity Jellybalm in Strawberry or the Kosas Wet Lip oils in Jaws

Early 2000s frosted makeup

All trends come back again and the pastel-toned, frosty highlight vibes of the early 2000s are having their moment again. Of course, makeup formulas are a little more sophisticated than they used to be, so you can go for a creamy highlighter instead of a chunky powder that emphasises texture. Working all in light, pastel tones with a smooth finish means the overall look is more cohesive and modern.

For the eyes, a simple sweep of a pastel tones such as a lilac or periwinkle blue is all you need, preferably using a soft brush so the edges are soft. I’ve chosen the Mecca Max Single Shadow in the shade Like Whatever but you can go for whatever you’ve got on hand - maybe that colour in your favourite palette that you never use! Pair this with a cool toned highlighter that you take up the top of your cheekbone, across your brow bone and a little on the inner corner of your eye. My top pick is the Australis Dewy + Daring Face Glaze or the Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminiser in Enlighten for that seamless finish. Last step is is a pale pink gloss or balm, like the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm in Pink Sugar. Cute! 

Cherry cola lips

I love a lip combo - it’s a great way to pair shades you wouldn’t normally mix and since a lip liner is involved they usually last a little longer too. Cherry tones are having a big moment and are especially cute when paired with a brown liner. The colours involved are inspired by the rich colours of a cherry cola drink and are such a fresh combo for summer nights. 

This one is quite simple to pull together, needing just two, or sometimes three products. Start by outlining your lipline with a brown toned lip pencil, I like the Mecca Max Pout Pencil in Classy or Tower28 OneLiner in Draw Me. Fill in the middle of your lips with a red toned lipstick, such as the Kosas Wet Stick in Island High or the Ere Perez Coco Crayon in Rebel. Go for a toned down red, rather than a bright shade so the contrast isn’t too stark against the cooler toned brown. The optional finishing touch is a gloss or oil to give that super juicy finish - like you’ve just been sipping a cherry cola! I love the Australis Lip Glaze in Cherry Bomb or the Fenty Skin Cherry Treat Lip oil to keep that cherry vibe going. 

Of course the trend that never goes out of fashion is having well cleansed, happy skin! Which is exactly why GunkOff is your best friend for when you’re experimenting with your makeup looks. 

New lip combo isn’t working? Just take it off and start again.

Tried a new look that’s more makeup than you’re used to? Wash it all away at the end of the day.