Answering your cleansing FAQs???

Can I cleanse in the shower? How much product do I actually need? After I celanse my skin feels sensitive, how can I stop that? etc... etc... You asked! We've answered!


Can I cleanse in the shower?

You can cleanse in the shower but remember to just be a bit gentle with how you add water to your face. Standing directly under the stream of water, the pressure can be a bit harsh on the skin and cause redness. Instead, use your hands both to add the water to your face and wash off the cleanser. Make sure to also only use warm water, not hot, as that can end up stripping the skin. 

If you’re using your Melting Balm Cleanser in the shower (the tube does make it super handy) just be warned that if you’re applying it to damp skin, it will start to emulsify straight away, so make sure to still work it into the skin properly. 

How much product do I actually need to use?

Start small! A little goes a long way with cleansing balm, so start off with about a 10 cent piece sized scoop and work it into the areas on your face with the heaviest makeup first (your bold eye look or thick brow gel). Once it starts to warm up and melt into the skin, you can always add a bit more if you need it. 

For the Hydrating Gel Cleanser, start with a little more than a pea sized dollop and do the same, adding water to create that very soft lather. If you need more, add another pea sized amount and use circular motions to work it into the skin. 

After I cleanse my skin feels sensitive, how can I stop that?

This could be your sign to move to a more gentle, yet still effective formula (ahem GunkOff), or it could be just looking at how you do your routine. 

When using your fingers to work the product into the skin, use only a gentle pressure, think more like you’re lightly buffing the product in rather than a harsh rubbing motion or pressure. Make sure you’re especially gentle around the eyes, where your skin is the thinnest, instead making sure the balm is melting down and let the formula do the hard work. 

If you’re reaching for a classic face washer, that scratchy surface can be very irritating when rubbed into the skin, even if you’re just using it to remove the product. Instead, try using just water and your hands or a damp Muslin Cloth

Should I switch up my cleansing in summer?

As we come into summer, with more heat and humidity, more layers of sunscreen and sweat, you may notice your skin feeling a bit more congested than usual or even increased sensitivity. If you’re not already doing a double cleanse to properly remove your SPF and makeup, that’s a great place to start, making sure there’s no gunk left on your skin. Looking at your second step, a lighter gel formula like the Hydrating Gel Cleanser could be a great option instead a richer cream formula you may reach for in winter. Bonus points for the cucumber (super refreshing!) and aloe vera (anti-inflammatory).

If you’re feeling like this isn’t enough and you’re considering another cleanse throughout the day, maybe before or after a workout, you definitely can add it in, as long as you listen to your skin. Make sure you follow up with some lightweight hydration and if it’s still daytime, your SPF. 

Does it really matter how I remove it?

Yes, it does actually! If you’re not properly removing your cleanser, or maybe not even washing it off at all, you can end up with all the gunk residue you were trying to cleanse off…still on your skin. Which kind of defeats the purpose. Make sure that you’re taking the time to gently work the cleanser into your skin, adding water and then rinsing it off with water or the aid of a soft muslin cloth. Whilst it can be tempting to rush through your cleansing and just get it done, taking a little extra time and care can make all the difference and set up your routine with the right tone.