GunkOff vs. Stubborn Makeup Faves

Ding ding ding! It’s time to bring in the contestants and see how GunkOff measures up against tough, long wear and smudge proof formulas.

Whilst we all love a liner that won’t budge in a sweaty club or a flawless base that stays in place, at the end of the day we want to be sure it will break down and wash away to leave fresh, clean skin. In fact, one of the best things you can do after using intense, longer formulas is to really nourish and give back to your skin. The best place to start is obviously with a thorough cleanse and GunkOff is ready to step in the ring and go to the mat for your skin.

Liquid Lipstick

I love a bold lip moment as much as the next girl, which normally means reaching for a liquid, longwear formula that won’t smudge or wear off the second I drink something. The downside is that removing that bold shade can be an absolute pain - and day old patchy lipstick really isn’t a vibe. Simply grab a dollop of your Cleansing Balm (tub or tube) and start to melt it into your lip formula, taking care to really work it in where it may have settled in any cracks. Trust me, you may have a Joker-like vibe once it starts to move but it really does break it all down and wash away easily. 

Waterproof Mascara

The wonderful thing about waterproof mascara is that whilst it puts up a good fight against water/tears/feeling the rain on your skin, it does not hold up well when faced with an oil-based formula. The lush Camellia Seed and Safflower oils in the Melting Balm Cleanser really break it down, melting it off your lashes without causing damage. One thing to remember when using a balm like this on and around your eyes is to go gently and let the formula do the work for you, rather than tugging and rubbing at your lashes. Instead, work the formula along the length of the lashes, from the eyelid outwards to minimise lash fallout.  

Liquid Liner

Ahh liquid liner my old foe! I can safely say we’ve all fallen prey to scrubbing away at what was once a chic cat eye only to end up looking like a tired panda. And to add insult to injury, you end up still dealing with stubborn chunks of liner clinging to your lash line, drying out and irritating the skin. Enter the GunkOff Cleansing Balm, here to banish liner and leave no remnants. Similar to how you removed your mascara, going slow and gentle is the best when it comes to melting away liner. Depending on how close to your water line you went with it or if you have longer nails, it can be useful to work some of your cleansing balm in with a cotton bud to remove all traces. 

Longwear Foundation + Setting Spray 

Some days call for a base that just isn’t going to move - full coverage or longwear foundation topped off with powder and setting spray over the top to lock it all in. 

It’s a lot of layers and once it’s set in, you don’t want it going anywhere. However, we all know what it’s like to sleep in your foundation (ew) and the absolute havoc it can cause your skin, so that’s not an option either. GunkOff is your friend against your locked in base, breaking it down easily and quickly so you can leave your long day behind you. Shea butter and vitamin E feature in the ingredients line up so you can start to soothe and soften your complexion whilst you cleanse. 

Andddd the results are in: it’s a clear knockout - Melting Balm Cleanser for the win! Intense makeup formulas don’t stand a chance against the melting power of GunkOff. Remember to follow up with the Hydrating Gel Cleanser to remove any traces and start to rehydrate the skin.