Why is a good cleanser so important?

Cleansing is a very important step in your routine and sets you up for the rest of your skincare. However, as something you wash off your skin it can sometimes have you asking whether it’s really worth it?

Is it worth it to have a cleansing step?

Absolutely! Cleansing and especially double cleansing helps to remove your makeup, SPF and grime so you have clean and fresh skin to apply the rest of your skincare. Not removing these layers can lead to a range of skin issues like irritation, breakouts etc. 

None of us want that, so trust me when I say cleansing is essential. 

Alright, why don’t I just buy the cheapest supermarket formula I can find?

I know we’re all trying to save some extra dollars where we can but skimping on your cleansing step isn’t necessarily the answer. Cheaper formulas are normally the result of cheaper or ‘filler’ ingredients - which means compromising on the results your cleanser gives you. Whilst you want some gentle lather from your cleanse, that super soapy feel you get from a cheaper formula is often the result of SLS or sulfates. These ingredients aren’t necessarily bad, they can just be quite stripping on the skin and unnecessarily irritating, taking your skin in the opposite direction from where you want it to be. 

Instead, reaching for a more hydrating, considered formula that starts you off with clean yet hydrated skin.  

But I just wash it off, aren’t I just washing away money?

If you’re not cleansing properly, then yes, there is absolutely the chance that you’re wasting product and therefore wasting your dollars. No matter what formula you’re using, make sure you get the most of out it by using your cleanser properly - here’s our guide to the Cleansing Dos and Don’ts

In order to get the most out of any active ingredients in your cleansing formula, you do need it to be on your skin for a certain amount of time. We actually recommend you take at least 60 seconds to give it a chance to do its thing. Also, take the opportunity to be gentle with the pressure you use to work the formula into your skin.

What should I expect from my cleanser?

Your first cleansing step should leave you feeling like all your makeup and SPF has been removed, but without an oily residue or irritation. The second step should have your skin feeling fresh and clean but never stripped or sore. When it comes to the more active ingredients in your formula, keep in mind that you can get great results from your cleanser but they can only do so much while they’re on your face. A hydrating cleansing formula is a great way to make sure you’re hydrating at that first step, but it doesn’t replace your concentrated serums or moisturisers - the same if you’re using a brightening or purifying formula. 

Why do I need the Hydrating Gel Cleanser in my life?

It’s a gentle formula that’s suitable for all skin types and is equal parts cleansing, hydrating and calming. Ingredients include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera and cucumber but more importantly don’t include sulfates (SLS/SLES), fragrances or a whole bunch of other stuff that can upset your skin.  

Cleansing is a super important step in your routine and it’s certainly worth making the investment in a formula that’s going to give back to your skin and set you up for success. A good way to save some dollars on your GunkOff purchase? Bundle it up