HYALURONIC ACID: A well-known hydrator, it helps to plump the skin and improve elasticity and flexibility. It’s also proven to assist with wound repair and can reduce scarring post-breakout.

NIACINAMIDE: An all-rounder antioxidant, niacinamide can improve hydration, strengthen the skin against irritants, as well as help to reduce the appearance of environmental damage and hyperpigmentation.

ALOE VERA: A great natural moisturiser and soothing for dry skin. It’s also anti-inflammatory and can help reduce the appearance of breakouts and irritation.

CUCUMBER: With the natural soothing and cooling effect it can have cucumber is particularly comforting to sensitised or irritated skin.

GLYCERIN: Naturally compatible with all skin types. Helps the skin to combat dryness, leaving the skin feeling softer and moisturised.