Deadset Awesome Headband

$16.00 AUD
Everyone loves a headband, right? I know we do!

630mm x 90mm – 80% cotton, 20% Terylene.

I’m also kitted out in a biodegradable bag, so you can take me anywhere.

Super soft. Super luxe. A total fashion necessity. 

Is there anything more annoying than cleansing your face and getting it in your hair? Nope! (it’s definitely a thing).

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  • Reduces mess (a biggie).
  • Keeps hair out of the way (another big yes!).
  • Creates a spa-like experience (and who doesn’t love this?)

Pull back hair and fasten to head. Pose for a selfie – (just kidding, not kidding). Commence cleansing!

Can I wear my headband out?

Absolutely! Totally here for this. Please take a snap and tag us on #fkthegunk

How should I care for my GunkOff Headband?

Headbands should be washed in warm water, with mild detergent and allowed to air dry.

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