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All the burning GunkOff questions you wanted to ask in one spot, with the answers to boot. 

I have sensitive skin, can I use GunkOff? 

Absolutely you can! GunkOff Cleansing Balm is a super gentle but effective formula packed with nourishing ingredients that will give back to your skin, not take away from it. The oils in the cleanser will help preserve the lipid barrier, which needs to be supported in times of sensitivity. If your skin is particularly inflamed, make sure that you’re using gentle circular motions to work the balm into the skin and use a light pressure when removing it with the muslin cloth. Trust me, you don’t need any rubbing or scrubbing when using GunkOff, it does the hard work for you. 

What’s the point of double cleansing? 

Double cleansing is the process of using both an oil-based and water-based cleanser to help remove makeup, dirt, grime, sunscreen, sweat and everything else that accumulates on your skin throughout the day. An oil-based balm relies on the science of “like attracts like” meaning that the oils will naturally be attracted to other oils on the skin, including sebum and oil-based makeup. This means that GunkOff will dissolve these oils and help lift other particles, like dirt, on the skin.

A second cleanse, preferably water based, will then remove anything left on the skin and provide additional skincare benefits e.g. I have skin that is typically dry, so I love to follow up with a hydrating formula. Essentially, your first cleanse is just for removal, so using an oil-based formula makes this much easier and won’t disrupt the skin barrier. Your second cleanse is your backup plan to ensure everything is properly removed and then provide any additional treatment you may want. It helps prepare your skin for the rest of your routine, so that all your beautiful serums and oils and moisturisers can do their best work on a blank canvas. 

How often do I double cleanse? 

As with all skincare, it’s up to you to decide what works best for your skin, but when it comes to double cleansing, most people find that once a day is sufficient. It’s fantastic as the first step in your evening routine, to help remove the day. Even on days you don’t wear makeup, it’s still great to do a proper double cleanse to properly remove your SPF and anything else that’s ended up on your skin throughout the day. I especially love it if I’ve ended my day with a walk and worked up a bit of a sweat, it’s so refreshing to wash it all away. 

Will a cleansing balm clog my pores? 

No it won’t - here’s why: like we discussed, oil attracts other oil, so cleansing with one will actually help dissolve the sebum and gunk in the pores. It’s actually a fantastic way to gently decongest the skin and can be used like a treatment if you focus on massaging areas that are prone to blackheads. You can gently work your GunkOff Cleansing Balm into these areas, like your T zone and even leave it for a few minutes to help really dissolve the build. Combine this with a warm, damp muslin cloth and it’s like a beautiful spa treatment every night. 

I have acne, can I use a balm? 

Yes you can! So GunkOff is a beautiful balm cleanser, formulated with a number of fabulous ingredients to suit all skin types but they can be particularly beneficial if you’re prone to acne. The Safflower oil found in GunkOff is 70% linoleic acid and research has shown that most acne sufferers have a deficit of this on their skin’s surface and could be a contributor to clogged pores. Camellia seed oil is also well suited to acne-prone skin, since its similar to sebum and well absorbed by the skin, so it won’t feel too heavy on the skin. The Shea butter has been shown to have anti-bacterial and healing properties, so it can help to reduce acne-causing bacteria on the face and help to heal the broken skin in breakouts.